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RAHS Programme Office

The logo symbolises the approach to Risk Assessment and Horizon Scanning (RAHS).

The eye represents RAHS' primary function - scanning the horizon for risks and opportunities that will impact Singapore's future.

The spiral symbolises complexity - RAHS deals with problems that have the potential to "spin" out of control.

The three spokes symbolises the three different centres of expertise connected to the RAHS Programme Office - RAHS Think Centre (RTC), RAHS Solutions Centre (RSC), RAHS Experimentation Centre (REC).


The Risk Assessment and Horizon Scanning (RAHS) programme was launched in 2004, as part of the National Security Coordination Secretariat (NSCS). The RAHS program explores methods and tools that complement scenario planning in anticipating strategic issues with significant possible impact on Singapore.

With the help of our international partners, as well as through experimentation, the RAHS Programme has today developed an extensive range of processes that enabled agencies to collect, analyse, inform, model and monitor emerging strategic issues.

These processes are supported by a wide range of products that enable analysts to better perform their roles. This includes the RAHS software platform which is specifically designed and developed with capabilities to support research and analysis using information extraction and visualisation, modelling and survey tools. Since 2007, we have also regularly produced information products such as SKAN and Vanguard.

Armed with the processes and products, the RAHS team has been actively engaging government agencies, academic institutions and international partners through training, consultancy and joint projects. These projects generally explored emerging issues with the aim of enhancing strategic anticipation capabilities for the agencies.


The RAHS Solutions Centre has developed a range of processes to aid analysis.


The RAHS system, spearheaded by the RAHS Experimentation Centre in collaboration with the RAHS Solutions Centre and RAHS Think Centre, provides end-to-end capabilities to collect and classify data, analyse and understand relationships, and anticipate as well as discover emerging issues that could have a strategic impact on Singapore.

There are 3 main capability blocks in the RAHS system

  • Research and Analysis
  • Perspective-Sharing Tools
  • Modelling

The Research and Analysis tools allow analysts to closely examine signals collected from environmental scanning. It helps analysts to process large amounts of structured and unstructured data from a range of sources.


SKAN: A daily compilation of 7-8 articles that highlights issues from multiple domains of relevance to Singapore, based on regular scanning of diverse open-source information feeds.


Vanguard: An information service that seeks to analyse emerging issues and trends in greater detail.


Tech-SKAN: A monthly product featuring emerging technologies relevant to the enhancement of RAHS capabilities.


The RAHS Programme office has undertaken several projects to help inform policymakers.

Examples of some of the projects completed in 2011:

Examining the Attitudes of Young Singaporeans towards Emigration
with Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy - Institute of Policy Studies
Processes and tools: Narrative Capture
The working paper is available here.

Understanding Housing Market Sentiments to Examine Public Concern towards Housing Policies
with Ministry of National Development Processes and tools: Sentiment Analysis

Developing Strategies for Building Student-Centric Meritocracy
with Ministry of Education
Processes and tools: Morphological Analysis, Ranking model


For any enquiries, write to us at

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